Dedicated Thailand pastor struggles to provide aid during pandemic

October 10, 2021

The faithful family leader of WIN Thailand prays for greater provision

Peter, a pastor and Leader of WIN Thailand, is focusing on ministering to his community in practical ways, together with his wife Pinky. Internet connection is poor, and ministry requires careful planning due to social distancing requirements.

Peter’s church provides an addiction healing centre, and he is theoretically able to accept six new patients per year, but there are insufficient funds to action this. Selling clothes at a local market was a vital source of income for Peter’s ministry, and this is now not possible, with donations hit further by the effects of Covid 19.

Of the three patients Peter was able to afford earlier this year, two have now had to be sent home as there are no funds left to support them, and also the staff needed to care for them. Peter is unsalaried, but so thankful, because of God's continual and faithful provision for him and his family to live day by day as they truly live by faith.

Please join us in praying for Peter and for provision for him and the work that he does in this difficult time.

To donate to our Coronavirus Emergency Fund please visit our Coronavirus Emergency Fund page, and to support a pastor to continue their vital work see our Strategic Sponsorship page.



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