Hopes for school in Kenya as the country re-opens

November 17, 2021

Rising numbers of school children provide a new challenge

We were sad to announce in October, the death of Alice Mulumbi on 1st October. Alice was just 54 years old and was married to Robert Mulumbi, head of World in Need Kenya. Alice suffered multiple strokes and despite being flown to Nairobi for surgery, sadly she was unable to pull through – we know she is now with Jesus whom she lived her life for. Robert, who was seriously ill with Covid-19 last spring, has now recovered and is able to continue his ministry.

Life in Kenya is slowly reaching a new kind of normal. Vaccinations are compulsory for some age groups and employment categories, and the government is working through a prioritised list which has begun with the clinically vulnerable and civil servants, and is now moving on to all Kenyans aged 18 or over.

Churches are only allowed to have 30% of their total capacity within a building at any time, and this together with the age limit for attendance, is designed to control infection rates. Robert has asked for prayer to strengthen his nation against Covid-19, and for the government to review the strict policies on compulsory vaccination, which is causing ongoing difficulties for employment, education and the Kenyan way of life.

Robert also runs a bible school, the Soy International Bible Institute, which has recently reopened. There are new plans for the Bible school however, as pupils at the Nancy George Academy are required to sit one metre apart. The Academy now has over 580 children, so Robert has decided to use the Bible school classrooms as part of the NGA.

The school curriculum is beginning to stabilise again, with areas such as examination briefings and scientific field work resuming at last. Assembly takes place twice a week, and routine is finally being re-established.

Robert and his team hope to have a secondary school where the children will move after their primary education at NGA. This is currently limited by the availability of funds and the prohibitive cost of land. Robert would be so thankful for prayer and practical support to help drive their vision forward and provide further for the growing numbers of children in their care, and so they can secure land close by to enable the children to remain near their families as they progress into higher education.

If you would like to contribute to the Kenya School Appeal to help provide for facilities and the ongoing need for Covid-19 supplies at this time please visit our School Project appeal page.


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