India needs our prayers

May 20, 2021

Please join us in praying for our brothers in sisters in India

The rise of Coronavirus cases in India has seen the death of hundreds of thousands of people due to the virus, but the impact of the disease has an even greater scope as sickness and death leave families torn apart and often without income. Those already living in poverty are pushed to despair and World in Need teams report people walking in the streets weeping.

Ministers across all faiths and agencies have also lost their lives to this disease and their families and communities will feel the effects that their loss brings. Where they worked, others are now needed to step into the gap and reach out in love to bring hope and help.

At this time, we believe it is now that we are called to shine the light of Jesus brightest. We ask our followers to come together in prayer for the needs of the individuals and families left desperate by this disease. While our teams work tirelessly to help fill the gap left by those who provide income to families as well as those ministers who are unable to assist in this work, we ask for prayer that the Lord will uphold his workers and bring forth others to serve His children.

We pray for a greater movement of supporters for World in Need that we may continue to work together as an army for the Lord to combat hopelessness and poverty with the love and compassion of Christ. May you all be blessed in the work you do for the World in Need family.

For those who are financially able to support our missions in India, we have specific appeals for Delhi and our orphanage in Punjab on our appeals page.


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