The boys at WIN Punjab learn new skills

May 6, 2022

Their education continues as they consider their prospects

The new buffalo has settled in and is now a part of the daily routine. The house father and older boys are responsible for her daily care. After fodder is provided, Subhash milks her every day, assisted by Jaskaran, two of the most cheerful and polite teenagers you could meet!

The school also purchased three goats in March 2021 to start a business for the boys. The boys are responsible for them, and they have to come up with a plan to reinvest profits to increase the herd. They can send money home to their single mothers or grandmothers from the profit, and children who have no living parents or grandparents can save money for themselves. It’s an effective opportunity for the boys to see who will gravitate towards a future at university or in business – and great for them to have the freedom to choose.

Tragedy has struck recently for two brothers at the orphanage: Alakdeep and Anmol have lost their only surviving parent. Their father had a massive stroke and passed away instantly. Both boys were sent home within a few hours to see their father for the last time before the strict ritual of same day cremation took place. In addition to losing their father, the mourning of relatives in India is a distressing process. Prayer is needed for the brothers, to comfort them in their sudden and devastating loss.

In everyday life, the boys are happy and settled with various routines and duties which they throw themselves into and enjoy. Roshan picks up fallen leaves to place in the compost bins, Neeraj sweeps the paths and keeps plants tidy. All the older boys look after younger students, like Jaskirat, who loves to be pushed on the zip line or swing. Amar cuts fodder from the fields, ready to be cut in the machine before feeding the buffalo, and Rahul loves to serve the food. They feel blessed to be able to move forward from the worst effects of Covid.

If you are able to support a house parent in the orphanage so that our husband and wife team have some financial assistance, please visit our Strategic Sponsorship page and choose 'India (Punjab)' under the 'Who lives in' selector. Alternatively, you may wish to donate to our House Parent Appeal for the orphanage in India. Whatever you can do to help will make a huge difference in providing some stability to the staff and children in the home.


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